Goods storage and custom-made shipments


The international transportation of goods cannot exist without an efficient warehouse management and logistics system

Trasconti offers a goods storage service worldwide. An efficient warehouse management and logistics service developed over time, improved and built with the years of experience which Trasconti and its partners worldwide draw on.

By entrusting the warehousing management to us you can indeed free yourself from the management of a warehouse where to store and process your goods in stock. Indeed, we take care of storing, ordering and reconditioning goods from pickup to distribution, planning forwarding to destination. Video-supervised warehouse 24H/7, internally and externally, with 2,550 pallet spaces. We use specific equipment, such as state-of-the-art forklift trucks and highly trained staff fit for handling any type of merchandise.

We deal with the collection and the preparation of the goods, from small packages to large-scale handling, to supply warehousing and delivery services.

Trasconti takes care of all the procedure of the industrial processing of the packaging:

  • Study and design of the package
  • Fabrication of the package
  • Packaging: on the producer’s premises for local packaging or at our specially equipped warehouses

Warehousing, inventory, transportation, customer service and administration are the main activities which Trasconti takes care of, thus relieving the client from the management of goods shipment procedures.

Trasconti International transportation and freight forwarding with head office in Rimini logistics and warehouse for goods.

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